Real question, so did the Kenya stans jump ship yet? She pretty much did the picking for Ally. Wherever the relationship goes in the future, Kenya made it clear that she was intensely grateful to Patti and her show for this romance. Kenya has never been engaged. Don't none of this shat have the ring of truth to it.

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  1. This whole situation sounds like a set-up to give her fake butt having azz a dating show.
  2. You have to be the most ignorant, uneducated racist.
  3. Downloaded that shyt for free and I still want my money back.
  4. Notify me of new posts via email.
  5. When it was phaedra, Apollo was a lier.
  6. Patti also sets up Dina Lohan with the help of mutual friend Jill Zarin.
Kenya Moore s Boyfriend From Millionaire Matchmaker Is Married

On the last episode, Patti matched Chris Manzo with a girl who lives in California. It's Mac tah-niiiiiiiggghhhhttt! She made sure she set it up where Cynthia could conveniently be there during one of the show dates. Gregory claimed Kenya has been in touch with James in the past two weeks and wanted to meet up with him. But I guess kenya is the only one that can be wrong or in the wrong.

The sad part about this is, she knows it! If she keeps trying to make this man look like the bad guy who lied to her, she will force him to tell the whole truth and admit the show episode was fake. She has a lot of support on this because people can see the man is a two timer. Urban Belle is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sites for black celebrities, black celebrity news, urban gossip, and the rawest source for what's hot in today's black culture.

Kenya Moore Finds True Love On Millionaire Matchmaker

She reposted it and then talked about her hair line. Was there photographic evidence of them there together? Bravo should kick her off for this it makes them look bad and this is her m. Both were paid and they went on their separate ways.

Do these baby baboons undermine trendy gender-neutral theories about toys? Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Patti is miserable human being and no amount of plastic surgery is going to help that. Did west London gangsters hack the Met's Twitter? Except for you stans, nobody believes her!

Chile and this happens just after that ring stunt she just pulled. Every show is pretend anyway. You hate on her for free though. Comedian Tiffany Haddish mentors Julissa on finding a man who will let her shine in the spotlight. So if I ever want to get married again I need to meet an older man.

If this was a scam, dating flr Patti Stanger was in on it too. Walter never provided proof. Their marriage has all the hallmarks of a rushed Dopamine sex relationship.

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This just made my whole damn week. He told me they just kissed and nothing else. Dude tells wife hey right now Im doing the Bravo thing with Kenya so we gotta keep a low profile. He was shame to say he went on the show and dated Kenya. Altho technically Charles Ramsey did free some slaves.

Kenya Moore s Millionaire Matchmaker Boyfriend s Wife Speaks

Patti Stanger - The Hollywood Gossip
  • This man is another liar just like Walter.
  • Actually these are the only jobs that she can get.
  • Let's back up a moment, James Freeman was not technically married when Moore met him on Millionaire Matchmaker.
  • You speak as if you personally know Kenya.
  • And didn't he and Kenya attend the Mayweather fight?

The guy she said was her new guy is actually married? When it was posha, Cordell was a lier. She still has her businesses, fame, and money. Seems as if the man is an opportunist.

Kenya Moore faked her engagement to the man she met on Millionaire Matchmaker according to the woman that he actually married. Sh-t all this means is their contractual relationship is over and he married the real woman he was dating when he went on the show. Or when she decided to spread the tea that Porsha was dating men for money? That was apparently news to Freeman, because he started dating Jaimi Gregory shortly after taping the show last fall and ended up marrying her in April of this year. Why were they on Millionaire Matchmaker, doe?

Who is da millionaire, doe? Good move to go to the millionaire matchmaker. But that was not the end for Kenya and James, meaningful dating who have - as it turns out - continued dating since they met on Matchmaker. He may have been following you. And her law firm is a joke.

Does that plate say happy birthday? This is worse than the Walter situation. Please continue to post, I laugh all week at some of the things you say. He got married a week before the show aired. She knew he was seeing somebody.

Why would the wife come out and speak for her cheating husband? Kenya is not to blame for this. Meanwhile Kenya is on one show, still doing films in her kitchen, lying about having a relationship, just finally possibly maybe paid Janet Hubert her money, and is still pathetic.

Phaedra has her boys, her funeral business, her law firm and her peach, while Porsha is co hosting a radio show and still getting more than enough time on the Housewives. Lies and fake stories is how she continues on reality. All she does is collect Ls girl.

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Are you worried about the Dopamine fading? She said it was picked up by a major cable network but we know that is just another lie. You bet no ever leave that man. Oh you aint forgot, dating a black you was just shame but needed a check because real estate ain't poppin all like that anymore! Who was really buying that relationship?

Kenya Moore s Millionaire Matchmaker Boyfriend s Wife Speaks

What else can a woman be looking for? The wife trying to save face. All that heifer has done since day one is lie, best questions and she will continue to lie after all of this too because she has no real life to film. This was obviously a publicity stunt.

She heard second hand tea and went in. Everyone seems to do whatever the hell they feel like with no moral compass or accountability. Nobody came for Kenya first.

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He was with Kenya last month. Kenya sit your ashy a-s down. And what is that indenture in Kenya's stomach. Moore, she felt she needed to clear up some things before they reached the public. So far there's been no response from Moore or her reps about the new revelations.

Kenya Moore Knew Her Millionaire Matchmaker Man Was Married

And she holds on to her peach and has been on two different reality shows since her debut. Or did she take that pic at the jeweler? The married man Porsha was talking about is probably someone else. Gregory needs to take a closer look at her new husband.

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