Did this solve your problem? Then again, when in doubt, go with your gut to begin with. Most people know better than to click them. These are all big, huge questions, and ones that we'd be better off exploring in a love coaching-type arrangement.

Why don t women respond to my online messages

However, after discovering on MeetMe. He did it anyway and ended up being the root that broke up our marriage. Perhaps allow us to forward the email address so that the Outlook. He says it can be virus made this. Alden D is not alone in this.

Why do I get emails from dating web sites
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And finally

Is it just redirecting him to these sites because of something he downloaded? That doesn't sound right because I've played and never did I have to go to such sites to get points. Some of these sites look quite disturbing, and are not sites that I would ever go to.

Why Dating Apps and Sites Aren t Working for You

But the password wasn't the same for all the others and he claims not to remember them. First, of all I would like to thank those who took the time out to respond my question. How do I get my husband to control himself in front of guests? Anyone know if this happens also on windows phones? Unfortunate for me, egypt online free I was horrified.

After searching for an hour online I finally found this clear explanation of why stuff is appearing in my history when I have never been to these sites. The other day my YouTube history started showing up on his account. My husband gets email advertisements from dating sites and I don't.

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How concerned should I be? Stop allowing spoofed senders. This is a much more serious situation - but not why you might think. You really need to use other criteria to decide if there is trust or not. Also, why is he opening them and clicking links instead of deleting the emails?

If it becomes an ongoing issue, I'd likely call my local authorities to see what I could do on a more formal level. That's why they're called spammers. Personally, I usually install at least two, crazy dating if not three. Certainly viruses or spyware are a possibility. This site in other languages x.

Check your Blocked sender list. There is not a way to restrict them I have tried. Am I crazy or is any of this possible? The website responses show that this is a common problem and Outlook has done nothing to help. You can create fake profile with attractive details.

He has been angry about this for a long time. How could this individual find out his e mail? At one time the pages associated with all my Google searches were added to the history. We are currently in counseling for this as I confronted my husband on all of these matters.

He swears he has never been to those sites. He says he had to join to get points for Mafia Wars. Why did my ex admit im the one after I married someone else? By going to the sites, creating a profile fake of course and looking him up by any information I know zip code, date of birth, etc.

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Why Husbands Go on Dating Sites

If they had dating spam on their phone, would you assume they were using sex sites to meet someone? You would need to log out of your account on Chrome. Is it because of websites we visit? My husband has been posing as a single man on dating websites, should I divorce him?

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Is My Boyfriend Lying Or Is This Just Dating Spam
Perplexed - why is my husband getting email from questionable web sites


Perplexed - why is my husband getting email from questionable web sites
  • It is probably some hairy, greasy pound guy that is trying to get your husband to pay for online porn sites or something of that nature.
  • Also, if your email address happens to be in the address book of someone who gets their computer taken over by a trojan, your email address gets spammed.
  • How can I fix this it is important.

Do I have spyware or a virus? At the upper right part of the page, click on the gear icon beside your Profile name then choose More mail settings. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Rather, how long should I want you to take responsibility for your own actions.

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Indeed, does he have teens in the house? Your email which was much more lengthy than I could share here detailed a history of trust and commitment issues between you and your partner. No - hubby and I have the same situation - we get really crappy emails and advertisments - spam. Someone with a different history - say, a girlfriend of yours - would get different treatment from you, yes?

Hey, my friend and I have a similar problem with YouTube. It's something that you would say to a friend. Try calling tech support for your phone provider. If I click on google advertisements on a websites I visit, will the site get paid? Why does he hide his girlfriend?

Why Husbands Go on Dating Sites

It instead made me go to an adult dating site with a nude girl as a front page. It's possible, yet more likely that your cell number got thrown into some database somewhere similar to emailed internet dating scams. It could be spam, it could be a dating or adult web site.

Perplexed - why is my husband getting email from questionable web sites

The iPhone is where he does the most damage. Why is my husband getting emails from e harmony? If you have further questions, classy dating site don't hesitate to post back. Allow me to customize a filter that takes anything with a particular word in it and dump it. He probably needs a better spam filter.

We as users should have such an option. You should lie about your status on the dating site! Would you even check their phone without their permission? The other possibility in your situation might be that your boyfriend left his own phone somewhere, and you grabbed it, saw the dating spam, and were confused as to where it came from. This topic has left me quite drained.

  1. My first reaction was to ask the reader for more information to clarify her situation.
  2. There is also a different way to see if he has accounts.
  3. Sounds like you should maybe be searching help from different venues.
  4. Please I am so tired of them.
  5. This isn't meant to embarrass you, or put any sort of blame on your shoulders.
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